So far from all the responses to surveys and a general feel from the crew, the event was a success even with challenges that did go beyond the control of the tech and even in that area, issues were far fewer than in previous conferences! Lots of lessons learned, however in addition to the lessons from the great collection of topics!

Please bear with us as we work through the prizes and other goodies for the various event participants as well as, of course, get the videos packaged and up on our YouTube Channel where you can still catch our old sessions as well as the recorded live stream of this event and some choice topics!

Thanks again to all the volunteers for this free, community event whether you came to share your knowledge in a session or just help out with room moderation or other activities and especially a major thanks to all those who registered, attended and participated!

Thanks also to our partners and their generosity to the cause of community and charity! We look forward to working with you again in our next events!

Oh, and YES there will be another one this year when it gets warmer so keep an eye out for that annoucement in addition to following us in all the places we are at!

Support our Charity Partner

Since 2020, M365 Chicago has supported the Chicago-area Children First Fund. In this time we and our community and partners have raised more than $10,000 to support Chicago's public schools and surrounding community.

The M365 Chicago organizing team is very proud that we are, again, supporting the Children First Fund for the January 2022 event!

As the Chicago Public Schools Foundation, the Children First Fund works to promote equity in education. Chicago Public Schools is the third largest school district in the country. We know that talent is equally distributed among our 335,000 CPS students--but opportunity and resources are not. We wake up every day on a mission to improve the lives and futures of CPS students.

Donate with the M365 Chicago team today: https://otsn.live/M365CHI-CFFDonation.

Don't wait! Donate to this great cause today! The event may be done for now but your support is always welcome and appreciated!